As Tides Rise, Flood Risk Grows Higher

About 3.7 million Americans are at risk for flooding as the sea level continues to rise in the coming century. In terms of numbers of people at risk, Florida is the most vulnerable, closely followed by Louisiana, California, New York, and New Jersey. Researchers and other scientists anticipate the sea level will rise about 3 feet by the end of the century. In the U.S., coastal regions within 3 vertical feet (1 meter) of the high-tide line are most at risk—an area that totals about 12,350 square miles (32,000 square km)—larger than the state of Maryland.

“Where I visit at Mission Beach in San Diego, 1 meter of sea level rise will put the whole beach area at risk of being under water, right up to the boardwalk and houses that line the sand…”
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