Do’s and Don’ts of Water Damage

Water damage can have a wide range of effects on your property depending on the type and severity. It is very important that when you are assessing your water damage situation, you take into account the possible unforeseen damage, like water leakage in between walls and under flooring.

When it comes to flooding or major leakage in your residence or building it is essential that you act immediately to prevent further damage. Correctly cleaning and caring for flooding and leakage on your property is the most important to prevent major damage and extra repair expense.

What to Do.

1. Turn off the main water line to your building or residence if you are experiencing water flooding or leakage that steams from your plumbing.
2. Call us ASAP so when can send our professional water damage specialists over to assess your situation and treat it appropriately.
3. Make sure to notify us of all the potential infected areas: furniture, flooring, rungs, etc.
4. Once the specialists arrive, sit back and allow them to do what they are best at!

What NOT to Do.

1. Leave major flooding or leakage sitting stagnant and unattended. This is a recipe for pathogen and mold growth, both of which are toxic to humans.
2. Continue to use water in other parts of the house/building if you have a broken or leaking pipe.
3. Assume the damage is only surface deep. Much of the time flooded areas seep into cracks and holes we can’t only see. This can lead to potential erosion and mold growth in “under the surface” areas.

Water damage is very serious no matter how small or how big the mess. By notifying us in the case of a residential or commercial building flood or major leakage you not only protect your building but prevent unnecessary damage.

Our team of specialized technicians is not only great at what they do but will be honest with you. They will inform you of the necessary water remediation that needs to take place as well as extra precautionary measures that should be taken.

Call us today if you have any water damage that needs treatment or if you need professional advice on your current flooding/leakage situation.